Stevie J asked Mimi Faust to move in with him on the Season 4 Finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Mimi's fanz were thrown for a loop and no one knows what she will do! Stevie wants Mimi and her daughter to move to Los Angeles with him and take her away from her beloved city, Atlanta. Although she didn't end up going with him in his private jet to LA on the last episode, she did tell him that she would think about it.  Now, the sexy Mimi, has written a long post about whether or... Read more
The leaked sex tape of Mimi and Nikko is disgusting their co stars. The co-stars among them Erica Dixon found out about the tape on the 14th of July 'Love and Amp; Hip Hop' episode. But on a new interview, Nikko seems to slam anybody talking badly on their filmed intimate moments.Both Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith seem to be proud of their act although it is scandalous. This view is not shared by their co-stars who totally dislike their act. When speaking to Vlad TV, Nikko blasts critics who are la... Read more

Damn, Mimi looks pissed! Read more